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  • Fire retardant composite decking Standard subframe
  • Good with 50 cc
  • Cost efficient
  • 60% less labour work
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  • Natural colors
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Green Plank Decking Products

Why Use Composite Decking?

The Reality

In terms of upfront expenses, Green Plank's Classic and EverDeck composite decking is only slightly more costly than pressure-treated wood. And, because pressure-treated wood requires regular maintenance like staining, any savings earned from hardwood will be squandered in as little as three years.

The Breakdown

Green Plank's entry-level decking collection Classic and EverDeck makes for a cost-effective and performance-enhancing upgrade over pressure-treated wood decks. In terms of upfront costs, Classic and EverDeck composite decking costs slightly more than pressure-treated wood, but you’ll save money in the long-run since it doesn’t require the costly and laborious annual maintenance that comes with wood decking.

Why Green Plank?

The brand Green Plank is a sustainable building products brand that represents quality, expertise and innovation for more than 15 years. Green Plank stands for innovation, reliability, quality, trust and competence – these are the foundations on which our business thrives. We are driven by a passion for sustainable building products and this is reflected in each of our products. As an umbrella brand, Green Plank comprises a broad brand portfolio in the four categories terraces, facade cladding, planks and fencing system, including product brand such as AVON Flooring. Green Plank is the ideal choice for demanding applications such as hotel decking, as well as other public areas such as parks, outside refreshment bars, verandas and clubhouse decking. Green Plank composite decking is durable, barefoot friendly, and easy to keep in excellent condition year after year.

Featured Article

Test of different materials for jetties by Öresund

Performance of different decking materials available on the market – preservative-treated wood, modified wood, natural durable wood, re-cycled plastics and wood-plastic composites (WPCs) exposed in two jetties near the Øresund Bridge, south of central Malmö in Sweden.

Report is translated from Swedish to English. All credits goes to SP / RISE.

Green Plank composite decking compared to wood

When comparing Composite Decking vs Wooden Decking, durability is one of the biggest differences. Since 1980, Wood Plastic Composite also known as WPC, wood alternatives, or natural-fibers composite (NFC) has quickly become the fastest-growing decking material for residential and commercial use.
Many homeowners choose wood decking because it is familiar, readily available and affordable. At the same time, wood decking problems like splinters, rot and high maintenance cause many headaches.
Although composite wood decking is easier to maintain, some homeowners worry that composites won’t look as nice as wood. However, Green Plank has developed composites that emulate the rich, natural look of wood without the hassles of maintaining a wood deck.
Green Plank composite decking is an environmentally friendly wood alternative that combines recycled plastic and wood/rice shell fibers. Green Plank Composite decking is readily available at most of major building supplies stores throughout the Europe.

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