The extrusion process is used to make the aluminium trim. Metal shapes called billets are forced through a die by a ram in this process. The die is a hollow profile squeezed through to form the thin, narrow, long trim shape of the metal.

Cold extrusion, warm extrusion, and hot extrusion are three methods for performing this process at room temperature, slightly above room temperature, or at high temperatures. When it comes to aluminium trim, the most common extrusion method is hot extrusion. Because weather resistance is essential, the trim is frequently heat-treated after it is formed to increase strength and corrosion resistance.

We want to introduce you to an intelligent decking system, an innovative decking system for pool gardens and roof balconies. It provides a safe and uniform walking surface for you, your children, and your pets.

Aluminium trim is most commonly used as exterior accents in homes and buildings, as door and window frames, and on porches and roofs. As a result, aluminium trim is used structurally and decoratively, allowing for additional aesthetic processing such as powder coating after fabrication. PVC coatings are commonly used on aluminium trim to provide protection and a variety of colour options.

In addition, different raised grains have been stamped or engrained on the surface of trim used for decorative building construction. The wood grain texture found on home trim accents is an excellent example of this. Interior car trim is smaller and more detailed than trim used in construction projects, and it frequently has a surface texture or pattern.

Benefits of Smart Decking

  • Small objects, such as insects and dirt, are not allowed to pass through.
  • There is no way for unwelcome weeds to grow through.
  • Smart decking system does not require deck fasteners due to its unique tongue and groove connection.
  • easy to handle, work with, and install
  • You can install trims yourself, which takes 60 % less time and saves you money on installation labour.
  • It only necessitates minor maintenance.
  • It hides untidy roof details and gives your home a more modern appearance.
  • Slip-resistance that is also barefoot friendly

It comes in four different varieties.

  • Smart
  • smart marine
  • smart plus
  • smart cap

There is a variety of lovely and elegant colours.

  • smart: Charcoal, chocolate, grey, teak beach, walnut, stone grey, IPE
  • Smart cap : Baltic grey ,Baltic brown, sandy oak

Smart decking’s features

There are prefabricated Holes in every 25 cm serve two purposes.

  • To instal the boards with a water and drainage system beneath them.
  • Specially designed ventilated aluminium trims improve the deck’s performance.

There are four kinds of trims.

  • Trims F (aluminium and composite)
  • Trim L (aluminium and composite)
  • Where the boards are too short to meet, T trims are used.
  • The J trim is installed on the wall side.

Type of Smart System ?

Two smart installation systems are available with the Smart Decking System. There are two types of smart systems:

  • Smart system 1.0
  • Smart system 2.0.


To begin the installation process, you must first construct the framework. Build your framework with permanent objects 20mm away from the wall, with a 2mm slope to prevent water accumulation.

Smart system 1.0

In smart system 1.0, after the framework j trims are installed on the wall side to allow proper support and ventilation, you can design your deck with visually closed longitude joints and t clips to allow for joint expansion. Then, stainless steel crews in dimension fix the smartboard (3.5 x 25mm).

Using the 2.0 system

A 5 mm gap is left on all sides to allow for material contractions and expansion.

These expansion and separation joints are covered with specially designed ventilated T trims (30mm) that allow air to circulate while also keeping dirt out and extending the life of your deck.

To cover the edge of your board, use the f and l trims. They are of excellent quality and will last a long time. Aluminium Edge Trim is virtually maintenance-free and will not corrode or rust, providing a clean, professional finishing detail for the edge of any flat roof.

Aluminum Trims are the best solutions for a perfect room design. L trim aluminium material is developed under high-quality control processes. It gives your board a professional finish.

We provide you with industry-leading quality. With our product, you can make your home safe and strong. Aluminium trims are available in a variety of colours, designs and sizes.