SMART™ WPC Decking – Smart Classic™

SMART™ Decking System – Smart Classic™

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SMART™ WPC Decking – Smart Regular™

SMART™ Decking System – Smart Regular™

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SMART™ Decking System – Smart CAP™

SMART™ Decking System – SMART CAP™

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SMART™ WPC Decking – Smart Plus™

SMART™ Decking System – Smart Plus™

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SMART™ WPC Decking – Smart Marine™

SMART™ Decking System – Smart Marine™

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Green Plank’s Smart decking boards are designed with a tongue-and-groove system so that there’s minimal gapping between boards. Give your backyard a beautiful, stylish deck floor, with the added benefits of low-maintenance.Choose between SmartCap and Smart Decking boards.

SmartCap Composite Decking Boards:

Choose SmartCap Capped Decking boards if you want the very best deck flooring available, almost no maintenance and protection against the elements of everyday living. SmartCap decking boards are capped with advanced premium shield encasing on all four sides around its inner core. The core and shield are extruded together under very high temperatures simultaneously. This means there are no chemicals or adhesives used that can harm the environment. Smart composite decking also come in a variety of beautiful colors for you to choose from.Unlike other decking materials like treated wood, capped composite decking won’t crack, splinter, or decay. Our smart composite decking won’t fall victim to insect infestation, and never needs staining, refinishing, or sanding.In fact, just a simple wash with soap and water is enough to make it look new. Since capped composite decks are resistant to fading and staining, it means your Smart deck will maintain its beautiful appearance with minimal maintenance all through the year.

Smart Classic and Smart Regular composite decking boards:

If the budget is tight but you still want long lasting, Smart composite decking, then our SmartClassic and Smart Regular decking boards are your logical choice with their high quality and real-wood look with almost no maintenance, and permanent, built in color.

No Clips – save money

Tongue & Groove connection:

You don’t need any deck-fastening clips to mount our Smart composite decking with tongue and groove connection.

Uniformity – ideal for families

Gap-free smooth surface:

No need to worry about unwanted weeds, leaves and dirt through gaps between decking boards. Smart composite decking offers an ideal gap-free surface with no-risk for high heels or a child’s fingers to get caught in the gaps.

Up to 60% Faster Installation – save money

Ease of installation – (just click and screw):

Installation of our Smart decking is also easy, the board easily click into place without the concern over even spacing between boards. Pre-fabricated holes allow concealed fixing without the risk of shifting or movement.

Aesthetics with Low Maintenance

Wide variety of Natural colors:

Inspired by natural minerals and earth pigments, with an aesthetic appeal of variegated tones and realistic wood grain patterns, the color palette is rich and vivid – and preferred by homeowners and architects over other decking materials.

Smart composite decking is family and pet friendly

When you have kids, you quickly realize how many hazards your average house contains. Hard surfaces can be dangerous, especially for young children, and a slip or a fall can result in an injury. Your deck floor is one area where this issue often occurs. Nothing is more important than your children’s safety. You want to do all that you can to protect them, even if they are more accident-prone at their young age.There are several features to keep an eye out for when searching for the right deck floor for your family and pet. First of all, you’ll want something scratch resistant to prevent damage from pet nails and claws. Second, you’ll want a floor that is durable enough to withstand wearand tear. Further, it helps to have a floor that can withstand accidents. That means something that is non-absorbent and won’t stain with moisture. You’ll obviously need to clean up after the messes your pet leaves, so you want to choose something easy to keep clean. It’s also a good idea to install a floor with good traction, so scurrying paws won’t slip around at all.

Some helpful tips to remember when using Smart Composite Decking with tongue and groove connection:

  • You must have 25 cm or more of open air space below the deck to use tongue and groove boards.
  • Leave at least 2 sides of the upper deck space open for cross ventilation.
  • Do not allow standing water to collect under the deck. Ensure that the ground is adequately sloped under the deck to eliminate standing water under the structure.
  • During its installation, the structure should be graded to allow runoffs and prevent water from accumulating over the deck surface. Rule of thumb: a slope with 2 mm per1 meter (1000 mm) away from house.
  • If you install skirting around the perimeter of the deck, it is imperative that the skirting does not prevent cross ventilation.

Available Colors

Studio photography and / or your browsing device may not provide an accurate picture of the colors. To see the colors in person, please request free samples.

Shipping Information

All deliveries are sent from our warehouse within 3-7 Days. All major deliveries are delivered unloaded by truck. Delivery by crane truck is an option that is added as an extra cost.