In any residential construction project, your choice of materials is critical. It’s no different when building a deck. A deck board gets more abuse than any other part of a home. It gets walked on, rained on, blasted with sun, and even frozen, so this isn’t the best place for using a potentially inconsistent and cheap product. 

In both new residential construction projects and renovation work, design professionals are continuing to discover the advantages of Green Plank® wood composite decking products, including durability, light weight, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, high strength, and low-maintenance requirements. 

Green Plank® low-maintenance composite decking products GP741, GP743, GP757 are perfect solution for residential decking or small commercial decking projects due to their low-maintenance, high performance requirements and quick installation methods. Our alternative composite decking solutions are fast becoming the most popular alternative residential and commercial decking material in Europe and North America. Whilst initial installation can be slightly more expensive than conventional wood, after a short time, due to its low-maintenance requirements, Green Plank® wood composite decking products become the cheaper option.