NATURTEAK™ – Composite-teak-flooring-GP7241–the green alternative

the green alternative for teak wood with infinite creative and design possibilities

Beautifully realistic and highly practical with a timeless quality NATURTEAK™ natural fibers composite teak flooring for boats and yachts is highly resilient, non-skid, UV stable and looks just like real teak wood. Ideal for luxury boats and yachts.

Green Plank NATURTEAK™ composite teak boat decking provides the elegant look of a teak deck without any of the time-consuming and costly maintenance associated with natural teak wood. Made out of natural fibers composite (rice-shell fibers & recycled polymers), this green alternative for teak-wood is easy to work with and maintain. It’s the perfect option to upgrade your boat and replace the dingy old carpet. NATURTEAK™ will hold up to the sun and marine environment for years while you enjoy more of your free time.

Distributed exclusively by Green Plank, NATURTEAK™ is specially formulated with ingredients that will prevent the material from drying out or cracking over time. It also has the high UV protection to prevent fading, insect-resistant, highest moisture resistance, superior adhesion and NATURTEAK™ is proud to be the only natural fibers composite teak decking option on the market.

Just like genuine teak wood, our NATURTEAK™ composite planks can be CNC machined, sanded or sawn to any desired shape without losing the genuine wood effect appearance of the NATURTEAK™ composite teak board. 

  • Premium quality – Proven Nordic quality planks for harsh marine weather and greener living.
  • Bare feet friendly – Due to it’s unique natural fibers based composition, NATURTEAK™ composite teak decking keeps feet cooler.
  • Practical – Perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality, with a natural teak wood look.
  • Exceptionally low maintenance – Ideally suited for Marine weather conditions, with minimal fading, long life span and minimal maintenance.



    Slip resistant smooth finish, striking looks emulate exotic, tropical hardwoods; reversible boards

    Size ca. 40 * 140 mm
    Length ca. 3.6 m
    Weight ca. 7.65 kg / m
    Joist span 60 cm c/c for commercial applications*

    VIEW COLOR TRENDS – ingrained with natural and distinctive character

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    Colours available on order subject to minimum quantity.

    Product Information

    Color choices
    Studio photography and/or your browsing device may not give an accurate representation of the colors. To see the colors personally, please Request Free Samples.

    Natural beauty
    Our products are designed to look like natural wood and may have slight color/texture and shading variations from board to board. The color variation will in no way affect the performance of the product.

    Maintain the beauty
    All exterior surfaces collect dirt, dust and contaminants and require cleaning. It is necessary to clean your composite teak deck periodically to keep as beautiful as the day you installed it.

    Trusted Durability, Superior Quality

    • Low-maintenance and moisture-resistant
    • Wood-tinted colors creates an authentic grain pattern, making you feel proud for choosing a durable and sustainable material for your project.
    • May CNC machined into many complex and intricate shapes
    • No annual staining, sealing, or painting required
    • Exceptional resistance to UV light and color fading
    • High slip-resistance provides a safe surface, even in the wet
    • Free of Toxic Additives
    • Suitable for public and private sector
    • Does not splinter, split, rot or warp
    • Does not absorb heat like synthetic teak