Natural wood can be replaced with composite decking, which is a more sustainable, secure, and cost-effective option. It is a man-made product made of recycled thermoplastics and wood fibers that preserves the striking beauty of the wood while also providing protection from the elements.

How to install composite decking?

Step 1 The first step is to build the framework.
Step 2 Place the first board on the ground.
Step 3 Continue laying out the composite decking boards.
Step 4 Install the final two boards in the fourth phase.
Step 5 Fascia finish

Step One: Frame Building

  1. Lay out your framework after taking your measurements and ensuring the ground is solid and level (having installed any additional support structures for composite decking that may be required).
  2. Make sure your composite decking joists are uniformly spaced – normal residential spacing is 16 inches, but a safe range is 12 to 24 inches. The frame would be more durable if the spacing is closer. Consider the thickness and strength of your joists; the thicker and stronger your joists are, the more stable your decking will be.
Allow a 10mm gap between the ends of the joists and the cross beams to allow for expansion.

Step 2: Place the first board on the ground

  1. To begin, place your hidden starter clips at each end of your frame, as well as at regular intervals between the joists at the top of the frame. Since you’ll be pressing your board into these clips, make sure they’re flush with the frame’s edge. Start by inserting the starter clips into your frame.
  2. Insert the starter clips into the side groove of the first decking board. Ensure that the board is moved all the way down until it is securely fastened.
  3. Finally, insert the toothed side of a special clip into the exposed side groove where the first board meets each of the frame’s joists.
  4. Via the pre-drilled holes in the first board and the joists of the frame, screw each of these special clips into place (to fasten composite deck boards). At butt joints, board ends, and each joist, make sure the screw holes match up with the joist centres, and that you use one fastener per board.

How to install composite decking

Step 3: Continue laying out the composite decking boards

To place every additional board, simply put the uncovered side grooves against the specific clips of the previous board, adding light force to ensure that they fit firmly, then repeat – putting and screwing special clips onto the other edge of the board, then slipping the very next board in position, and so on, until you only have two boards of your decking to mount.

To allow for expansion, make sure there is at least a 3mm distance between cross sections of decking.

Step 4: Install the final two boards in the fourth phase

  1. Determine the width of the final two boards (including the distance between them) and mark the location of the last board’s edge on the final joist.
  2. Now, use your marks to screw your secret starter clips at either end of the frame, as well as at the tops of the frame’s joists at regular intervals in between, much like you did before laying the first board.
  3. Position the final board against the secret starter clips and secure it in place with a press.
  4. Screw special clips onto each joist and into the final board’s side groove to secure the final board to the frame ever further (on the side facing the rest of your previously laid decking)
  5. Then, grab your penultimate board and press one length of it against the uncovered special clips of your final board, clicking it into position at an angle.
  6. Finally, slip the last special clips into the gap on the other side of the penultimate board, between the second and third last boards, and screw them into place until they’re in the centre of each joint.

Step 5: Fascia finish

Last but not least, composite fascias can be used to cover the remaining uncovered frame, giving your decking a flush, streamlined appearance. Simply cut the fascia bits to order and screw them onto the frame’s ends at frequent joist intervals to do this.

How to install composite decking