Traditional wooden fencing will last but will age quickly, within a few years traditional wooden fencing tends to show signs of wear and tear and aging. This is particularly apt for the Nordic region where regular wet weather can cause damage to wood left outside. This can be remedied by using sealing treatments and regular maintenance but is time consuming and can be costly. Our composite fencing has a 25 year warranty so you can relax in the knowledge that your composite fencing has been made to last and enjoy.

One of the biggest factors in the choice of NOVOFENCE™ composite fencing vs. wood is the budget. Since wooden fences are initially cheaper than composite wood fences.

Wooden fence, you’ll need to maintain and even repair or replace areas of the wood that have rotted. You’ve got to stain and paint the wood in a finish that will withstand the elements. In most climates you’ll have to do this annually to preserve the life of the fence, but in harsh nordic climate it’ll have to be done more frequently. Green Plank composite fencing consists of all the benefits of fencing and none of the disadvantages of wooden fencing such as, it is eco-friendly, splinter-free, won’t rot and long lasting.

Maintenance is the key influencing factor in why people choose Green Plank NOVOFENCE™ composite fencing – you don’t need to look after it aside from the occasional hose down!

Green Plank NOVOFENCE™ composite fence isn’t affected by insect populations and it’s weather resistant. Most of the dirt is easily removed with a high powered washer or just water. Mold or smoke stains can simply be removed with a cleanser.