Thinking about replacing your deck or installing a new deck? Don’t make a purchase until you look into Green Plank® low-maintenance composite decking. In the old days, the only choice you had when building a deck was to go with pressure-treated wood. While this was an advancement over untreated wood, there was still a great deal of labor and maintenance involved in these types of decks, and they still had a relatively short lifespan. Today, with the advancements in composite building materials on the market, homeowners have some interesting options when selecting right decking materials. Knowing the costs beforehand can also help you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing decking materials and who to hire to do the job. 

There are many reasons for selecting Green Plank® low-maintenance composite decking over traditional wood. Listed below are some of the best reasons for choosing this revolutionary building material: 

Low-Maintenance Deck

Unlike traditional wood, Green Plank® low-maintenance decking resists sun and water damage. What this means is that your deck will maintain its color and shape for years and years without needing regular maintenance from you. No sanding, staining, oiling or treatment is needed, which saves you a lot of time and money over the lifetime of your deck. Since the Green Plank® low-maintenance composite decking boards don’t warp or rot, you will never need to replace damaged boards. After one year of having a Green Plank® low-maintenance composite deck, you will wonder why you didn’t replace your old deck sooner! 

Durable Deck

Green Plank produces such a durable decking material that we offer a limited 15-year residential warranty with every purchase. Green Plank® low-maintenance composite products are truly manufactured to stand the test of time. The pigments used to color Green Plank® are UV resistant, which means they fade much slower than traditional stains on wood, so your deck will continue to look like beautiful for many years. 

Barefoot Deck

Green Plank® low-maintenance decking boards meet the international standards regarding slip-free surfaces. The material does not splinter, so you don’t have to worry about getting painful splinters in your hands and barefeet. Some of Green Plank® low-maintenance composite products are even fire resistant, which can be a priceless feature in the event of a small fire started by a grill or fire pit. 

Increase the Value of Your Home

If you design your deck right, you can not only increase your quality of life, but also increase the value of your home by adding a Green Plank® low-maintenance composite deck. If you build a non-rectangular deck and work to make the space an extension of your living area, your deck could provide an 80-100% return on your investment when you go to sell your home. 

Environmentally Friendly Deck

No trees are ever cut down to create Green Plank® low-maintenance composite products. Instead, the composite is made from wood flour recycled from the woodworking industry, recycled and reclaimed plastic and additives using the extrusion system. These materials would otherwise go unused in landfills. Using sustainable materials and green manufacturing processes is a policy that touches everything Green Plank does. 

Tip: Inspect the joists and posts of the old deck framing for rot and other damage. Check the center to center distance between the floor joists. Green Plank® low-maintenance composite deck boards require that the joists be maximum 40cm c/c apart for residential decks. For commercial decks it would be 25cm or less on center.