The key to exceed your clients’ expectations is “You have to listen to them“. They’re going to tell you what they want, but they don’t always know what they want. Listen in general terms, and then specifically think about how you can deliver it. It’s really easy to build a square deck but if you can add a little ‘personality’ to it, that raises you above the pack. There are thousand of deck installers/builders out there who can put up a deck fast, but they don’t pay attention to finish details so they earn less. 

Deck Design Trends

  1. Green Plank® composite products comes in a wide range of colors and made to look just like wood. Hidden fastener systems provide a smooth decking surface and complimentary colors can be used to create patterns and designs right in your deck boards. Although composite products tend to cost at least 50% more than standard pressure treated wood, the benefits far outweigh any added expense.
  2. Curved elements, like rounded deck edges, soft corners, and curved planters.
  3. Borders not only provide panache, they also improve safety.
  4. Multiple levels, often divided into functional areas for cooking, conversation, and eating.
  5. Two-story decks with plenty of room on the paved bottom level for furniture and entertaining and with drainage on the elevated deck so rain doesn’t drip downstairs.
  6. Outdoor kitchens, which more homeowners consider functional, convenient–and a status symbol.
  7. Low-voltage lighting or solar lighting for safety and ambiance that can also extend the use of the deck into the night.
  8. Another benefit is that Green Plank® hollow deck profiles offers a convenient space for running wires and cables for lighting, electrical devices, and speakers.
  9. Water features on the deck or nearby to create calming white noise and add a point of interest.
  10. Fire features like fireplaces or fire pits that sit a couple of feet up from the walking surface, especially those with the latest gadgetry, like gas burners that fire up pea-gravel or glass rocks in place of wood logs.
  11. Sound systems designed for outdoor use with speakers built into rail posts and jacks for weather-safe home theater equipment.