Periodic Cleaning

All exterior surfaces collect dirt, dust, and contaminants and require cleaning. It is necessary to clean them periodically to keep them looking good. Green Plank® composites are low-maintenance products, not no-maintenance products. Periodic cleaning of Green Plank® composite products is suggested, even if they appear clean, it is important to prevent the build-up of pollen/debris that can cause mold. We recommend a basic cleaning with a composite deck cleaner or combination of soap (dishwashing detergent), hot water, and a soft-bristle brush. After cleaning rinse thoroughly. If unsure about the product being used to clean/ remove stains from your deck, it is recommended that you test a small area in an inconspicuous place to determine if the product will cause any unwanted discoloration. Hose off the entire deck with a garden hose and not with a pressure washer. The pressure washer will spray particles of soap on other surfaces, possibly causing staining. Using a garden hose is a better practice to gently rinse off the homemade cleaner and get rid of all water spots. Household pressure washers with spray nozzle may be used to remove stains, ground in dirt, or mold but risks spraying particles of soap on other surfaces.

Natural Weathering & Color Shifting

For the first few months following installation, Green Plank® composite products will naturally shift color as it begins to weather to a slightly lighter shade than the original color purchased. Like fine hardwood flooring, most color change will occur during the first three to six months. After this stage, Green Plank® composite products will weather naturally and beautifully. Inconsistent or uneven exposure to sun and elements will cause the deck to weather unevenly. Although this condition is temporary, you can prevent uneven exposure by not covering the deck with rugs, mats or furniture during the first few weeks.

Dirt or debris

Clean the decking to remove dirt or debris by using warm, soapy water and a soft-bristle brush. Use regular liquid soap/detergent used in all households. E.g. Kitchen, washroom, Balcony, backyard deck, etc.

Mold & Mildew

If debris such as pollen and dirt is allowed to remain on the deck surface, mold can feed on the biofilm. Using a hose and warm, soapy water with a soft bristle brush is recommended to remove the food source and mold.

Ice and Snow

Calcium chloride or rock salt, available in many home centers, will melt ice on decking. Rinse off when first practical. Do not use metal shovels and sharp-edge tools: these can damage decking surface.

Water (Tannin) Stains

Tannin stains naturally occur in all wood species and sometimes migrate to the surface in composite decking where surface wood fibers are exposed to sun and water. Tannin stains may occur during or shortly after installation. Tannin stains disappear over time. Depending on the season this can take several weeks to several months. Once tannin stains disappear after the weathering process is complete, they do not re-appear. To hasten removal of tannin stains, use warm, soapy water or other commercial composite deck cleaner and a soft bristle brush. If you use a commercial composite deck cleaner, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Chalk Markings

All colored chalk lines are permanent. Scrubbing the area with warm, soapy water and a soft bristle brush may dislodge some of the chalk.

Oil/Grease/Food Stains

All food spills should be removed as soon as possible. To remove the oil stains use warm, soapy water and a soft-bristle brush.

Ink Stains

Inks may be permanent. However, scrubbing with warm soapy water may lighten the stain. Rinse thoroughly. NEVER use Chlorine based cleaner.


The Diagrams and instructions in this installation guide are for illustration purposes only and are not meant or implied to replace a licensed professional. Any construction or use of Green Plank® products must be in accordance with all local zoning and/or building codes. The consumer assumes all risks and liability associated with the construction, maintenance and use of the product.


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