INSTACLIK™ Deck Tiles – GP702T

INSTACLIK™ composite deck & balcony tiles give a new exceptional look to an old concrete or deck surface. Our tiles have non-slip and barefoot friendly surface. Each deck tile has in-built connecting tabs on all four sides which ensure accurate, automatic tile alignment and lock each deck tile in place, precisely and securely, without fuss or effort.

INSTACLIK™ tiles are available in a range of 4 wood tone colors to complement any outdoor living space.

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EVERTILE™ Deck Tiles – ET703T

Transform the look of a deck or floor surface with the EVERTILE™ composite interlocking deck and balcony tiles in seasoned wood colors. These snapping deck & balcony tiles are made of durable composite. Perfect for all climates, it is also resistant to mold and mildew. The composite slats of the tile permit water to seep through and dry quickly.

Available in two rich wood colors that last.

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Why Use Composite Tiles?

Our deck & balcony tiles can be
floated over a stable and flat surface

Not unlike an indoor floor, InstaClick & EverTile deck & balcony tiles can be floated over any existing flat surface. This opens up all kinds of possibilities to spruce up an outdoor space without having to lay joists and anchors.

Our deck & balcony tiles can be
installed without tools

For the inexperienced, InstaClick & EverTile deck & balcony tiles are a great choice. They’re easily snapped together, without mess, without fuss, and yes – without tools.

Our InstaClick & EverTile deck & balcony tiles
can be installed in rental, or temporary spaces

Because they are floated and snapped together, interlocking balcony tiles can be put into and later be taken up in a rental property with ease. For those who rent, it’s a great solution to the often stark and bare concrete which is often what you get in a balcony or outdoor patio.

Our deck & balcony tiles are ready
to-use out of the box

You don’t need to cut interlocking balcony tiles. And you don’t need to acclimate them. Just take them out of the box and install them.

Our deck & balcony tiles don’t
require finishing or staining

For those with busy lives, balcony tiles are a great choice. They are pre-finished and made to be resistant to the elements even before you lay them down. When you install them, you’re ready to enjoy your new balcony.

Available Colors

Studio photography and / or your browsing device may not provide an accurate picture of the colors. To see the colors in person, please request free samples.

Shipping Information

All deliveries are sent from our warehouse within 3-7 Days. All major deliveries are delivered unloaded by truck. Delivery by crane truck is an option that is added as an extra cost.


Complete Installation Instructions Guide

User Manual for Care and Protection

Complete Maintenance Instructions Manual