Homeowners love Green Plank® low-maintenance composite decking because it’s easy to clean up and lasts for a long time. But that doesn’t mean the installers/contractors don’t get plenty of callbacks from clients who mistake “low-maintenance” for “no-maintenance.” 

We understand what it takes to install decks and keep your clients happy. Next time you install a wood plastic composite deck, throw in a little education so your clients can choose a decking material that will perform to their expectations and know how to care for it so it will hold up. 

Here are a few considerations for heading off callbacks and complaints: 

  • All exterior surfaces collect dirt, dust and contaminants. It is necessary to clean them periodically to keep them looking good. To overcome such problem Green Plank® composite deck floor should kept clean and washed periodically. 
  • Tip: Provide them Green Plank’s instructions for care and maintenance of their newly installed Green Plank composite deck.
  • Install the boards with a parallel gap of at least 3mm between each one to allow water to drain right through them. Leave an adequate 5-7mm head-to-head space between boards for thermal expansion coefficient and the local potential maximum temperature.
  • Tip: Some homeowners might insist on tight boards for aesthetic reasons. Convince them that the gaps will preserve the deck and its good looks longer.
  • Insist on using hidden fasters instead of face screws. They cost a little bit more, but they automatically gap the boards so they’re uniformly and adequately spaced. Plus, homeowners typically prefer hidden fasteners so the screws aren’t visible on the deck surface. 
  • Tip: Show the client photos of decks installed both with face screws and hidden fasteners. The visual will help upsell the deck and could prevent dissatisfaction with unevenly spaced boards or poor drainage.
  • Direct your clients to the Green Planks’s website, where they view, download, or order a hard copy of the care and maintenance instructions for their Green Plank® low-maintenance composite deck. 
  • Tip: Show the deck owners the maintenance manual before you leave the job site so you know they have access to the information they need to prevent deck disappointments.