Commercial Decks

Low-maintenance Green Plank® composite decking products have increasingly being used in many commercial and public decking projects to add architectural flair, including new seating areas for schools, day care centres, hotels & resorts, outdoor dining areas, entrance gangways, jetties, piers and luxury decking of roof terraces for commercial buildings. 

Green Plank® low-maintenance composite decking products GP777, GP7180, GP7116 are ideal for use in commercial projects as we can manufacture any length from 1.5 metres to 6 metres. Green Plank® low-maintenance composite decking boards comes with anti-slip strips to increase the slip resistance even in wet conditions. Our alternative composite decking solutions are fast becoming the most popular alternative residential and commercial decking material in Europe and North America. Whilst initial installation can be slightly more expensive than conventional wood, after a short time, due to its low-maintenance requirements, Green Plank® wood composite decking products become the cheaper option 

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