CLASSIC™ Decking

Why Use Composite Decking?

The Reality

In terms of upfront expenses, Green Plank’s Classic and EverDeck composite decking is only slightly more costly than pressure-treated wood. And, because pressure-treated wood requires regular maintenance like staining, any savings earned from hardwood will be squandered in as little as three years.

The Breakdown

Green Plank’s entry-level decking collection Classic and EverDeck makes for a cost-effective and performance-enhancing upgrade over pressure-treated wood decks. In terms of upfront costs, Classic and EverDeck composite decking costs slightly more than pressure-treated wood, but you’ll save money in the long-run since it doesn’t require the costly and laborious annual maintenance that comes with wood decking.

Available Colors

Studio photography and / or your browsing device may not provide an accurate picture of the colors. To see the colors in person, please request free samples.

Shipping Information

All deliveries are sent from our warehouse within 3-7 Days. All major deliveries are delivered unloaded by truck. Delivery by crane truck is an option that is added as an extra cost.