Petsafe Wireless Fence

The Petsafe Wireless Fence has been rated as the best wireless pet containment system on the market. It is so safe, simple, and easy to install that it makes the perfect fence for dogs and cats. No more digging holes and spraying pesticides to keep your animal out. Just install this wireless fence within a couple of minutes, and your pet will be safe from just about anything!

The Petsafe Wireless Fence, also called the Petsafe Complete Safety System, is the safest, easiest form of indoor pet containment available on the market today. This wireless fence is fully portable, easy to set up, and uses a constant radio signal for your pets to find their safe zone. It is a state-of-the-art pet containment system, and it meets the current code requirements for cities and towns. With the Petsafe wireless fence, your pets are going to be free to roam around the yard and outside of the house.


The power cable that comes with the pet safe wireless fence offers an unlimited number of remote control stations. The wire works with two AA batteries that are easily changed out, and a safety switch is included so you can quickly disable or enable the electric dog fences. The wireless units are very easy to install and work correctly on any level, whether it be a residential lot or a busy road. These are wireless and can be folded up is another plus that makes these fences popular with many consumers.


Benefit to these wireless fences is the ability to send out radio signals. The signal will go out to a receiver collar which is attached to the pets. Once the receiver collar receives the signal from the wireless fences, it will process the signal and play it back to the dogs. It gives the dogs a chance to know where they’re supposed to be at all times.

Your pets will also get a treat once they cross the boundaries of their pf&wireless fences. There is an attached bell that will sound your pet’s venture over a defined boundary area each time. This feature keeps the dog stay within the boundary and prevents them from wandering farther away from you. When they do get outside of the defined area, they get a treat and are rewarded with a free pass to come back into your yard.

These are great for areas that do not have a radio signal or even visible boundary lines. There is no need to worry about your pets wandering off when they see a dark or undefined area as long as you have the transmitter collar on them. When they go beyond the defined area and enter your property, the pet will immediately be rewarded with a treat. You do not have to worry about setting up a collar on each pet or having multiple transmitter collars on each pet. The Petsafe Wireless Fence System provides you with the ability to quickly and easily install the units without any professional assistance and only take a few minutes.


Suppose you are worried about a potential breach in security because your pet can escape by running outside of the wireless fence. In that case, the Petsafe Wireless Fence System does not use GPS technology. It is fully electronic, making it the easiest to install and the most secure. The system consists of an indoor wireless transmitter with an indoor receiver. You must have an indoor receiving unit to use this type of wireless system. No other wireless technologies are as easy to use and convenient as Petsafe Wireless Fencing Systems.

Indoor Transmitter

An indoor transmitter will keep the transmitter within a defined area and require the receiver collar to be placed on each pet. Once the receiver collar is installed, the transmitter will send a radio signal to the central control station, where it is picked up and interpreted. There is no need to set up wires throughout your yard, making the installation of the wireless fence system fast and easy.

The primary consideration is to place the receiver collar at least three feet away from the closest tree, shrub, or another object that can trip the transmitter, which means that a Petsafe Fence System will assure you that your family members and pets will remain within the boundaries of your property. A Petsafe Wireless Fence System is not only safe, but it is also smart, letting you know that your pets remain where they belong, which gives you peace of mind.