Smart vs Conventional Composite Decking Systems

Smart Decking

  1. With tounge and groove click system
  2. No need for any clips causing no gap between the boards
  3. Without gaps nothing can grow or fall between the boards
  4. The pre drilled holes will still allow for proper water drainage
  5. Easy and quick installation saving more than 60% of the time compared to traditional decking
  6. Only standard subframe is needed
  7. Only 50 c/c is required. Also for hollow!
  8. Thanks to the tounge and grove system the boards supports eachother.
  9. Smooth and comfortable decking that lasts without extra maintenence

Tradional Composite Decking

  1. no click system
  2. Requires clips for installation causing extra work and costs
  3. With gaps foliage can grow and small items can fall through
  4. Water can drain in the gaps but without proper installation it may pool on the boards
  5. While requiring clips the decking takes longer time and more work to install
  6. Only standard subframe is needed
  7. 30-40 c/c depending on the chosen product
  8. Since the boards are supported individually they are more prone to bending and easier cracking
  9. Smooth and comfortable decking without extra maintenence but cleaning between the boards may be required