Effortless way to install brick façade panels and get low cost brick façade panels

Brick Facade Panels

The cost of installing brick facade panels is substantially less than other types of exterior wall construction methods. It is a significant benefit of brick facades. Brick facades are made up of massive Lego-like panels that can be easily set up in a concise amount of time. These panels are typically placed over a building's exterior walls and are held in place by non-combustible clamps.


There are several advantages to using brick facade panels for exterior wall construction. Compared to aluminum or steel panels, the installation time for this type of facade is considerably shorter. Furthermore, the installation process is much less expensive since you do not need to purchase precast top metal, aluminum, or steel panels.

Another advantage of using these panels is that they require the least amount of maintenance. They are far less likely to rust, which can be an issue with aluminum curtain panels. If you choose to use the panels over an aluminum ceiling, you will want to coat the panels with a rust-proof coating. You should note that exterior paint should not be applied to the aluminum curtain panels for outdoor applications. The reason why is because the panels are not meant to be painted. The coating is designed to protect the panels, but the paint should not be used on the surface itself.


However, there are some disadvantages to using these panels. One of the disadvantages is that these panels are not flexible, which means that if there is a change in the building's height, it may cause some damage to the insulation. Also, the panels are not as durable as the typical aluminum curtain or vinyl windows and doors, so they do not last as long as you would like.


Brick panels are also easier to install than aluminum curtain panels. A standard aluminum curtain requires at least four workers to install. This number increases depending on the size of the aluminum curtain panel. However, when it comes to labor costs, brick far outweighs aluminum. Furthermore, aluminum panels are not flexible; bricks are. Bricks can be easily installed with the help of only two workers using professional tools.Although the installation time is significantly shorter compared to other types of exterior structures such as aluminum and brick, it can still be costly. As mentioned above, the panels usually require one worker to install each panel. When using this type of facade, you will notice that it comes in varying sizes. Many sizes are ranging from six-foot sections to sixteen-foot sections. However, most brick and aluminum panels come in only five-foot areas.

The paneling can be customized and is the reason it is so famous for use on commercial facades. Each panel can be cut to fit the specific shape you are looking for. It can be done by a carpenter or by a contracting company. It means that you will have a unique brick facade that you can install at a reasonable cost.


Those looking for a less expensive way to decorate the exterior of their building may want to consider a combination of the typical brick and aluminum panels. It is a good idea to talk with an engineer before deciding which type of facade to use. The engineer will help you figure out the costs and any maintenance you will need to do to keep your building in good condition. Once you select the design and materials you want, it is good to hire an engineer to inspect your work and make sure that you are getting a good deal.