NOVOCLAD™ Facade Cladding Profile – GP798

innovative facade cladding system for your home – PVC free!

Traditional and timeless. Sleek and strong. Green Plank NOVOCLAD™ composite facade cladding is not just Green Plank’s one of the best-selling facade cladding profile for last 8 years. It is a durable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing cladding profile that is specifically designed to be used as an integrated system to protect your home’s exterior.

Green Plank NOVOCLAD™ composite facade profile is artfully engineered to look like real wood without any oiling, painting or caulking requirement. The beautiful traditional appearance of wood and long life span makes NOVOCLAD™ composite facade cladding profile the choice for new or replacement facade cladding projects.

NOVOCLAD™ GP798 composite facade profiles are normally installed in either a horizontal or vertical direction without any clips and are fixed to the supports using screws through the pre-fabricated long fixing holes. 

  • Premium quality – Proven Nordic quality decking for harsh weather and greener living.
  • Long lasting – NOVOCLAD composite facade profile is long lasting and will withstand the weather, wear, sunlight UV and insects.
  • No Clips – You don’t need any fastening clips to mount our composite facade panel with tongue and groove.
  • Ease of installation – Installation of our composite facade is also easy, the board easily click into place without the concern over even spacing between boards.
  • Pre-fabricated holes – Our tongue and groove composite facade arrives with pre-fabricated holes, allowing you to simply and easily secure the boards into place without the risk of shifting or movement.
  • Complimentary accessories – A series of trim profiles in matching colors of the NOVOCLAD™ profiles makes finishing your facade easy. The profiles can be installed quickly and ensure a neat edge finish.

    Smooth finish with wood-tinted colors

    Size ca. 21 * 125 mm
    Length ca. 3.71 m
    Requirements ca. 8.00 meters for 1 m²
    Weight ca. 2.26 kg / m
    Support span 60 cm c/c for residential applications*

    VIEW COLOR TRENDS – ingrained with natural and distinctive character

    Falun Red
    Beach Gray

    Product Information

    Color choices
    Studio photography and/or your browsing device may not give an accurate representation of the colors. To see the colors personally, please Request Free Samples.

    Natural beauty
    Our products are designed to look like natural wood and may have slight color/texture and shading variations from board to board. The color variation will in no way affect the performance of the product.

    Maintain the beauty
    All exterior surfaces collect dirt, dust and contaminants and require cleaning. It is necessary to clean your composite facade periodically to keep as beautiful as the day you installed it.


    • Distinctive inlay design, style and color options
    • No annual staining, sealing, or painting required
    • Cladding for ventilated façades
    • Exceptional resistance to UV light
    • Used for new or replacement facade cladding projects
    • No fixing clips required
    • Free of Toxic Additives
    • Suitable for public and private sector
    • Up to 60% faster installation
    • May be installed vertically or horizontally